Dentistry Today

Change is inevitable.

In today’s world it is apparent in every aspect of our lives. Change seems to happen faster now than ever before and dentistry is no exception. We have all seen the changes in medical care delivery and insurance coverage over the past years and dentistry is also in a period of change from the traditional model. Most dentists used to work as solo practitioners and owned their dental practices. New dentists either bought practices from retiring dentists or became associates in a practice with eventual buy-in. Increased student debt, the cost of starting a practice, and the higher overhead costs of running a practice are making that option more and more difficult for young dentists. Those changes opened the opportunity for corporate dental offices in which the dentist did not have to take the financial or management responsibility for a practice and could focus on just providing the dental care. They give up some future financial benefits and control of the practice, but it gives them an immediate income to start paying off debt and for living expenses. Having multiple doctors practice in the same location can provide more efficient use of equipment and facilities and can offer patients the convenience of getting most of their families’ dental care at one location.

At Team Popp Dental we are adapting to dentistry’s changes by expanding our services to include pediatric dental care for Chattanooga families.

I practiced first as a general dentist, and later as an orthodontist in the Hixson area. I am proud to now have my son, Dr. Colton Popp, join me as a pediatric dentist. We both feel the combination of pediatric dental care and orthodontic care in the same office will make a perfect fit. Together we can benefit from the efficiency of a group practice without becoming a less personal corporate office. We are changing our practice name from Team Popp Orthodontics to Team Popp Dental to reflect our expanded dental services.

Our mission statement is to provide our patients and families with exceptional dental care in a personal and friendly setting.

Change is inevitable, and we hope to adapt to the evolving dental market while maintaining a patient-centered and professional practice.