New parents, don’t forget the dentist!

Hello! My name is Colton Popp and I am a pediatric dentist at Team Popp Dental. A question I commonly get is, “When should a child see a pediatric dentist for the first time?"

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children should have a first visit to the dentist by the time that they get their first tooth or by their first birthday.

So, why so early? Well, for one, the pediatric dentist is able to perform a clinical exam, assess your child’s risk for cavities, and clean his or her teeth. The earlier that your child comes in, the longer the pediatric dentist can monitor growth and development. We can answer any questions and give guidance on oral hygiene, fluoride, diet, and habits such as a pacifier or thumb sucking. Any other concerns that you may have can also be addressed.

Another great reason to bring your child in early is to get them accustomed to and comfortable with the dental office. By the time that your child is 3 or 4 years old, they will be a veteran at being a good dental patient and actually like coming to the dentist!

An important reason for an early dental visit is also to establish a “dental home” for your child. This gives you an office to call with questions, concerns, or emergencies. Oral and dental injuries are very common in young children as they learn to walk, run and become more active. So if your child has an accident resulting in a dental emergency, you already have a pediatric dentist that you know to call and care for them.

I am always available to answer your questions and would love to make dental visits fun for your child!