Orthodontic treatment can make a difference at any age!

Modern orthodontics has come a long way. Treatment is more comfortable, time in treatment is often shorter and fewer appointments are needed for a great result. Braces are smaller and clear aligners (Invisalign) offer patients more options for improving their smile!

Striaight teeth and beatiful smile

Your First Visit

Orthodontic treatment is not a one-time visit but a long-term relationship. We enjoy getting to know our patients and providing each of them with a personalized orthodontic experience.

If you want an office that offers extra service, time and attention for you and your family then please come meet us for a complimentary consultation, that includes an X-ray. We can discuss your orthodontic and dental concerns, give you treatment options and develop a payment plan that fits your budget. Your new smile starts here!

A Parent's Guide to Orthodontics

The American Association of Orthodontists has put together a great resource for parents. This site covers everything from how to choose an orthodontist and what your first visit will look like, to treatment options, post-treatment and everything in-between!


Dr. Popp and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend evaluation with an orthodontic specialist at age 7. By this age the permanent teeth are erupting and we can evaluate for crowding and overbite as well as any growth problems. Intercepting some problems early can prevent extraction of permanent teeth later and an early orthodontic evaluation gives us a good starting point to monitor tooth eruption and jaw growth as the child gets older.


Many patients are ready for treatment during the adolescent teenage years. Starting orthodontics around 6th grade often gives time to complete treatment before high school. More and more teen patients are choosing clear aligners (Invisalign) for their treatment and love them. See the Invisalign advantages below.


We love adult patients! If you have put off treatment because you do not want braces or have been told Invisalign will not work for you, then it is time to come see us! Dr. Popp knows Invisalign and he gets great results with it. Treatment times are often only 12-18 months and with accelerated treatment we can reduce it even more. Your smile does matter. Get one you are proud to share!

Invisalign is clear aligners or braces that will straighten teeth

Clear aligners are fantastic! Treatment is more comfortable, teeth are easier to clean and there are no eating restrictions or braces to break. Aligners can provide straighter teeth and a beautiful smile without the hassle or look of braces, but all Invisalign providers are not equal. Dr. Popp has spent years learning Invisalign technique and knows how to make it work. He was Chattanooga's first elite Provider and has taught Invisalign to Vanderbilt orthodontic residents as well as speaking on Invisalign locally and nationally.


If you have been told that Invisalign will not work for you, it is time to get a free consult with Dr. Popp before you give up on improving your smile. And, at Team Popp Dental, we do not charge more for Invisalign than braces!


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